Parentingideas Club was founded by Australia's leading parenting educator Michael Grose in the summer of 2013/2014 as an online learning resource for parents. Parentingideas Club is an auxiliary of Parentingideas, Australia's leading provider of parenting education to parents and schools since 2000. Michael has been a trail-blazer on the Australian parenting scene since 1992, when he released his first book One Step Ahead and began conducting the first of over 1500 seminars and programs for parents.

Where great parents hang out

Parentingideas Club is an online place where parents can continuously update their parenting skills and knowledge so they can help give their children the best future possible.

Modern parents, like parents of all eras, want the very best for their children. Trial and error is not the best parenting companion you can have so we always make sure that the information and advice we offer is evidence-based and practical.

The Thriving way of parenting

We also follow a consistent philosophy of parenting and behavioural principles based on the works of such highly regarded professionals as Alfred Adler, Martin Seligman and Rudolph Dreikers. These philosophies and principles have been distilled by Michael Grose and is widely known as the Thriving Way of parenting where the development of character, confidence and resilience are at the heart of effective modern parenting.

About our experts

We know your kids are precious and that parenting advice from highly-regarded professionals is important to you. That's why you'll find advice from a hand-picked group of parenting professionals as a Parentingideas Club member. All our experts either currently work with parents or work with children and have recognised expertise in their specific field. We also make sure their ideas and strategies fit well with the Thriving Way of parenting so that you experience a consistent approach.

Your partner in parenting

Effective parents don't parent well in isolation. They are surrounded by a supportive community and they also draw on the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before them. At Parentingideas Club you'll find a community of supportive, like-minded parents who want the best for their kids and you'll find respected experts who can partner you on your parenting journey. Just as you want your precious children to thrive Parentingideas Club will continue to grow and flourish as you overcome many of the parenting challenges you have ahead. 

Better parenting means better kids

Michael Grose's original parenting education mentor Professor Maurice Balson was fond of saying, "If we want to have have better children then we got to have better parents."  This simple yet profound statement has guided the work of Michael Grose through 9 books; countless parenting seminars and articles; through 500 issues of his email newsletter Happy Kids and now  has become the foundation principle for Parentingideas Club.

Here's to better parenting.......and great kids!


Parentingideas Club team