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Mr Jitters


A story for preschool and early primary aged children will empower parents to assist their children with coping skills.

Everyday Jitters


This story book is aimed at children aged 3-5 years who sometimes get anxious.

10 conversations you must hav...


Ten conversations you must have with your son is a book about talking to kids. 

A Man's Guide to Raising Kids


A Man's Guide to Raising Kids shows men how to be effective fathers for both their sons and daughters from tots to teens.

Teach your kids to SHRUG!


The secret to having resilient, confident and optimistic children is to teach your kids to shrug!

Working Parents


Working Parents' provides you with life-giving short-cuts to help you survive the biggest job of all.

Great Ideas for Tired Parents


Whether you are working, at-home, single, married or part of a step-family, this guide is designed to help you reclaim your time.

Why First Born's Rule the Wor...


Know your children's birth order personality and how to parent for each position.



Raising exceptional kids with confidence, character and resilience.

One Step Ahead


The A-Z of parenting situations and difficulties One Step Ahead is an invaluable guide for parents who want ideas quickly and easily. It's an ideal guide for parents.

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