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Bring out your child's confid...


Self-doubt and lack of confidence hold more kids back than any other factor. Children with healthy self-esteem and self-confidence learn more, achieve more, have more friends and are generally happier than those with low levels of confidence.

Dealing with sibling rivalry


How do you get your kids to fight less & love each other more? Raising kids should be a joy but its hard slog when kids fight and argue every minute of the day. There is no doubt that sibling rivalry destroys peace and harmony in families.

Family meetings guide


How to use family meetings to improve communication, cooperation and consistency to develop conflict resolution skills in your kids.

Parenting for resilience


Help your child develop real character Help your child overcome rejection and disappointment Help your child become a resilient learner Help your child learn from mistakes

Language of resilience skills...


Resilient families have a common language. Here’s an easy-to-do activity to help you build your family’s language of resilience around 7 key areas.

Pocket money guide


How to use pocket money to promote good money habits and develop greater independence and confidence in your kids.

Understanding Behaviour



Sleep Guide


18 BIG tips so your children get all the sleep they need.

Which parenting style are you...


Have you ever thought about your parenting style? 

Stress Management Guide


A recommended guide for managing stress levels, published by Harvard Health for Parentingideas.

Cyberbulling Parent Fact Shee...


New research commissioned by the Victorian Government found 81% of parents believe bullying is the most or one of the most major concerns in the community.

Parenting Audit


A special assessment tool for parents who want to raise exceptional kids with confidence, character and resilience.

Understanding birth order


Birth order makes sense when you know the basic rules. This special report offers a great summary of birth order basics.

Chores & responsibilities gui...

Chores or household tasks also exercise children’s organisational muscles, in particular their time management muscles. Make sure all kids have chores to do that are suitable for their age and stage of development.

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