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Beat bedtime battles


Ever had a conversation that goes like this? “It’s time for bed darling. It’s eight o’clock.” “Aw, mum! Just five more minutes, p-le-a-s-e!” “No, darling. It’s bedtime.” “But this is my favourite show. Can I watch a bit more?” “No dear! Please go to bed. I’ve had enough. I’ve had a long day and I want some peace.” “Mum, your mean. All the other kids in my grade stay up until 8.30. Why can’t I stay up later too?”   And so the battle continues...........   Some children are experts at stretching bedtime out through procrastination and persistent cries of ‘ just five more minutes’. This battle at the end of the day is draining for parents and makes parenting life hard work.   How to get kids to bed   You need a p...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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