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Handling a teen’s outburst


Imagine you are a single mother of 15 year old boy and you don’t want to him to go to a Saturday night party.    He puffs his chest, curls his lip and barks:   “You’re kidding. You can’t make me stay home tonight. NO Way!”    How should you respond?   Remaining calm is the key. Act like the confident parent, even though you may be quivering inside.   It sounds simple but with practice you can learn to avoid rising to the bait and entering a full-on fight with a teenager. Deflect it by saying something like, “Let’s talk about this tomorrow. I’m not going to discuss this now.”   It’s important to understand that teenagers have outgrown their brains and they have faulty judgement. With their hormones raging and physical changes they battle to be charge of their ...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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