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Emotional contagion


“Emotions spread faster than any disease. A smile or a panic will spread through a group of people far quicker than any virus could.” Seth Godin Godin was referring to the workplace when he wrote this sentence, but he may as well have been talking about families. Family tone is often impacted by the emotions and mood of parents.   Anger creates tension especially when it simmers just below the surface. Kids go into their shells when anger is near, because they feel unsafe. Fear accompanies parent anger. Grumpiness makes kids switch off parents. It’s also contagious, spreading around a family like wild-fire. Scepticism leads to cynicism and a hardening of the empathy arteries. Scepticism is sneezed, spreading germs everywhere. Gratitude spreads quickly, lifting everyone who receives it. Family tone quickly lightens when g...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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