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Handling children's anger


Know someone with a hair trigger? The smallest thing sets them off. That ‘thing’ maybe someone’s cutting comment, nasty look or thoughtless remark. Not a moment taken to think, consider, weigh up options. They simply explode. Anger exudes from every pore. I know some adults like this. They are awful to live with. Everyone in their family walks on egg shells, not wanting to upset them. The trouble is, they’ve been like that since childhood. I also know some kids like this. I wonder if the hair trigger will remain into adulthood. Such kids, who highly sprung, need to learn to put a space between an event (that leads to a reaction) and their response.  They need to become space cadets – learning how to stop, reflect and act – all in a split second. When a space cadet hears someone say something sarcastic he’ll stop,...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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