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Helping catastrophisers


“If I don’t do well in this test it will be the worst thing ever!” Do you have a child who automatically assumes the worst case scenario in any risky or new situations? If so, you have a catastrophiser on your hands. Catastrophisers exaggerate their worries and place enormous pressure on themselves. The default mechanism in their thinking always goes to the most negative outcome possible. The results won’t just be bad, they’ll be catastrophic! For instance, they won’t just mess up if they give a talk to their class at school. They’ll make total fools of themselves and the whole class will laugh at them, or so they say. Catastrophising makes kids feel miserable. Worse, they often don’t want to do anything because they expect the worst possible outcome. So what to do with a catastrophiser? Your approach will depend to so...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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