Parenting Style

10 golden rules for parenting success

The requirements for effective parenting are changing rapidly. Here are 10 golden rules to guide you along your parenting jour... Read more

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10 mindsets that will radically improve your parenting

The best intentions may not be enough to raise happy kids. Here are 10 mindsets to help you on the path to parenting success. ... Read more

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10 parenting tips for school meetings

Conferences and meetings between parents and professionals offer an opportunity to discover a child’s progress; share in... Read more

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15 lessons of experience for all parents

Here are 15 parenting lessons I’ve learned over my journey as a parenting educator.  Read more

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20 Questions to expand your parenting

Questions have the power to change your life for the better. The right question will expand your thinking so that it’s... Read more

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5 new rules for parenting

Michael writes about keeping our parenting relevant by establishing new mindsets and rules around modern parenting.  Read more

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Acceptance and accountability

Effective parents move between accountablity and acceptance of their child's behaviour. Michael explores this parenting st... Read more

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Are you a parent or a peerent?

Teens need adults to confide in, and adults who’ll ultimately protect them.  They won’t find these qualities ... Read more

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Are you over-parenting?

Here’s 5 tips to find a more balanced approach to over-parenting or helicopter parenting and encourage children to becom... Read more

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Arguing in front of children

Traditional wisdom says that parents shouldn’t argue in front of their children. However as role models parents are in a... Read more

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Attention is the currency of relationships

Here is great reminder to parents about being fully present with your kids. Get some great tips to help get the best out of ev... Read more

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Cat and Dog parenting

Michael explains cat and dog styles of communication and how you can use them for your parenting. Read more

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Family size matters

The size of your family will impact on how you raise your kids. Find out how family size impacts on your parenting style. Read more

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Bedroom tidiness

Children’s bedrooms are indicators of their state of mind and your parenting style. Striking a balance between your expe... Read more

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Can you have two fun parents?

There’s a great deal of evidence that points to the authoritative parenting style as being the most appropriate way to r... Read more


Choice theory is good parenting practice

Giving children real choices is a great way to develop independence and personal responsibility. It all depends on how you giv... Read more

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Developing responsibility in kids

Developing responsibility in kids is tricky. Some parents think they are developing responsibility but they are just making th... Read more

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Factoring peers into your parenting

 The peer factor can’t be ignored! It’s something you need to factor in as you leave your imprint on your chi... Read more


Focus on function

Families can take many forms these days, one parent, two parent, and blended families to name a few. Read more

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Free range parenting

Allowing children to develop real independence is one of the biggest challenges modern parents face. Our basic job is to keep ... Read more


Helping kids make smart decisions

If children are to learn how to make smart choices adults need to equip them with knowledge and skills as well as opportunitie... Read more

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Kids shine with tough love parenting

When children experience a mix of discipline and warmth they’re more likely to develop important character traits . Read more

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Are you a mother or a parent?

Are you a mother or a parent?   Knowing when to be a mum and when to be a parent will boost your effectiveness tenfol... Read more

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Lost in concentration

It’s more challenging than ever to be present with our kids, and so easy to get lost in concentration on a device. Here ... Read more

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Make this your child's best school year ever

Michael shares 7 essential tips to make for a fantastic school year for your children and teens.  Read more

Parent involvement – the secret ingredient to children’s school success

Positive parent involvement in your children’s learning can contribute to their success as a student. It is increasingly... Read more

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Parenting in the digital age

If every generation of parents had it’s own new or unique challenges then it’s safe to say that the overriding ... Read more

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Parenting together

Working from the same script as your partner can strengthen families and reduce anxiety.  Read more

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Parents using kids as bargaining chips

It’s been said that children are the unwitting victims of a breakdown between partners, but it doesn’t take a sepa... Read more

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Pocket money to develop independence

5 ideas to help parents use pocket money to promote good money habits and develop greater independence and confidence in your ... Read more

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Redundancy parenting

Michael discusses why parents need to aim at becoming redundant and the benefits for kids.  Read more


Showing love

A reminder of 4 simple things parents can do to show love to their children. Read more

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Swimming against the parenting tide

Going against popular opinion, particularly when it belongs to a young person, takes some parenting steel. It helps if you are... Read more

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The adolescent rollercoaster

How to stay in touch with your teenager while riding the rollercoaster of adolescence. Read more

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Use I-messages to get around denial

Getting around a child or young person’s denial takes good will and considerable skill, particularly when you know they ... Read more

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Use rosters to make life easier

Every parent wants their kids to help at home. But sometimes it’s easier to do it yourself. A well-designed roster can h... Read more

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Which parenting style are you?

Most parents will default to a particular parenting style; however not every child will respond to your style. Find out more a... Read more

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Who decides in your family?

Many children need practice in decision-making if they are going to make smart choices later on. The family is a great place t... Read more

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Wield ‘soft power’ at home

Your parenting authority works well with easy, compliant children but teenagers and demanding kids require some pretty nifty c... Read more

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Your goal as a parent

Do you know what you’re trying to achieve as a parent? At Parentingideas we believe it’s important for parents to ... Read more

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