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Are you over-parenting?


Times have changed! When I began as a parenting educator over two decades ago the biggest issues I spoke about in the media generally revolved around under-parenting. Neglected kids; kids with poor or delinquent behaviour and raising kids that lived on society’s margins were popular media topics in the early 1990s. Now two decades later it’s over-parenting that captures the main media attention. Spoilt kids; kids with a false sense of entitlement and parents that place excessive demands on schools are among the popular media topics right now. These all fit into the over-parenting, or more colloquially helicopter parenting category. Is over-parenting new? While we hear a great deal about over-parenting at present it’s not a new phenomenon. Parents of past generations have been overly protective and over-indulgent of their offspring at times, however it doe...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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