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Coping skills for parents


Many parents function in a state of near exhaustion. Tiredness and child-rearing go hand in hand for many, especially if they hold down a job as well.    It shouldn’t be that way. It’s one thing if you have babies or toddlers, as they are demanding and time-consuming stages of development.    Many parents seem to stay tired throughout all their children’s life stages, which strains family life and can make parenting feel a chore.   Parents of twins also seem to never get much of a break as if it’s not one wanting your time and attention it’s the other.    Today kids of all ages keep parents busier than ever as many have a number of extra-curricular activities, which invariably require parent involvement, at least as a driver. The mantra of ‘be involved’ in your child’s life can take ...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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