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Why effective learning starts with a good night's sleep


Sleep is an active phase of the learning process, which is why as parents the single most important thing we can do to help our kids be more effective learners is to ensure they get enough sleep. During sleep the brain is very busy replaying the day's activities extremely fast, picking out the key items it believes are most relevant for long-term storage in our memory banks, and tossing out the rest. The amount of sleep children require varies with age and they require more sleep than adults. In primary school the recommendation is between 10 and 11 hours per night. High school students need around 9 hours to function at their best. The challenge is how to fit everything into the school day along with homework and extra curricular studies such as sport, music and drama, have enough down time to chill and relax and get enough sleep. The best way to learn anything is to st...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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