Fast Track Program

You and your partner will join me (Michael Grose) and a select group of parents for two special full day Closed Door Events devoted to fast tracking your parenting skill development and knowledge. You’ll learn so much including: how to apply your emotional intelligence knowledge to everyday life. I’ll introduce you to proven methods for getting your family flying in the same direction. And we’ll prepare you for the next stages of your children’s development so that you can be pro-active rather than reactive. You’ll also get the chance to tell us what you want to learn.
This program is designed for people Dedicated to Becoming the Best Parents they can be! 
The two Closed Door Events are in Melbourne (December 2015) and Sydney (June 2016). Don’t worry if you are unable to come to either event. You won’t miss out. We’ll be filming each event and we’ll send you full video footage and workbooks following the event. (This footage won’t be available to anyone outside the Fast Track Program.) You’ll be able take part in any follow-up webinars or online forums. 
If you are interested, don’t delay.
FAST TRACK PROGRAM APPLICATION FORM - download and email to us:     word version          PDF version

Please note more details are on the form.