Raising Boys

Boys and self-esteem

Just when you think you have your son figured out he moves on to another stage. In this short clip Michael Grose explains the ... Read more

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Boys behaving better

Boys can be difficult to manage at times. Parents can learn what they can do to influence their son's behaviour. Read more

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5 boy-friendly discipline ideas

It’s not good enough to excuse boys’ boisterousness on their physiology. There are many things parents can do to t... Read more

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Establish a hands-off policy at home

Teaching kids to resolve conflict without World War Three breaking out is a never-ending battle. Boys, in particular, are more... Read more

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Hands off

Michael looks at why it is good to have a hands off policy in your family - especially if you have boys. Read more

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Helping children be organised

Boys, in particular, need assistance with personal organisation. It just doesn’t come naturally. Organisational skills c... Read more

5-10, 11-14, 14+

Overcoming scrambled-brain syndrome

In the early teenage years simple recall can be a problem for boys. Some even have trouble finding the right words to use. It ... Read more


Raising Boys

Understand, nurture and connect with today’s boys. Read more

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Raising boys: 7 BIG ideas

Boys can be hard work for many parents but it makes a big difference when you understand what makes boys tick. Read more

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Mothering boys

There's a negative perception about raising boys, which is linked to their boisterousness and behaviour as well as a lack ... Read more

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Raising Mighty Boys

Do you understand what makes boys tick? Here are 12 key understandings that will help you raise well-adjusted boys regardless ... Read more

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Three processes for independence

  If boys don’t have the processes needed for independence, they will always be dependent on others regardless of... Read more

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There's a negative perception about raising boys, which is linked to their boisterousn...

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