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5 boy-friendly discipline ideas


A mum told me recently that a friend has three boisterous boys who often wreak havoc when they visit her place. She shudders when she hears the car pull up.......... so does the family cat!! Her friend explains her sons’ poor behaviour away as simply ‘boys being boys.’   That’s a nice excuse, but it’s NOT a good enough reason to ignore boy’s poor behaviour in any environment.   I hear the “boys will be boys” excuse a lot.    Young boys who run roughshod over the furniture when on a visit to a friend need to be reminded how to act socially around others. Consideration for others begins from a young age, and can be reinforced constantly.   Similarly, teenage boys who thoughtlessly thump and hurt a mate in the name of rough play need to be reminded that they have crossed a line. ‘Boys wil...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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