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Raising Mighty Boys


Raising and educating boys is a hot topic in Australia and other parts of the world. From my experience those adults who do best teaching and raising boys have a significant understanding of what makes boys tick. Here are 12 key understandings that will help you raise well-adjusted boys regardless of your gender or family situation: # 1: You must like them Approval is at the heart of raising boys. Most will walk over hot coals for you if they know you like them. In a sense, this need for approval holds many boys back in school, as they can shut down for a teacher who doesn’t like them. If you can feel comfortable with their boisterousness, live with their lack of organisational skills, and not be confronted by their in-your-face ways then the chances are that they’ll respond to you. # 2: Boys like to blend in Boys are group-oriented by nature. They want to fi...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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