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I'll help you give your kids the tools they need to recognise, manage and regulate their emotions.

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Term 4 - Mood Meter Program

(4th November – 28th November 2016) 
Want to help your children be the best they can be? Then you need to build their emotional intelligence. Michael draws on the research from the team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to help you give your kids the tools they need to recognise, manage and regulate their emotions with his popular Mood Meter Program: Building Emotional Intelligence.  

Term 1 2017 - Cracking the Confidence Code

February 2017

It’s a must-do course for parents where low risk-taking and fear of failure is a constant companion for their kids. This course will put the skills and know-how at your fingertips to develop a real sense of confidence, competence and mastery in your kids. More details soon...

Term 2 2017 - Raising Mighty Girls

May 2017
Girls may have a head start on boys in the academic stakes but life these days is not all smooth sailing for girls. They are often harder on themselves than boys, more likely to be perfectionists, and have more fears.  Unlock the secrets to raising girls of any age so that they become more confident; build positive self-esteem and body image; can face up to their fears; build friendships and not cliques; face the challenges of living in a digital world; build strong connections with fathers from a young age; and make the most of their natural strengths.  More details coming soon...

Mood Meter Program: Building Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop emotional intelligence in your kids:

  • Mood Meter is a practical tool developed by the research team at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Gives parents and kids a common language to talk about feelings
  • Suitable for parents of all age groups
  • The Mood Meter is great for kids that are visual learners, particularly boys
  • Empower kids to recognise and then respond to how they feel
  • Teach kids self-awareness and put them in control of their emotions

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  • Course starts 4th November
  • Mood Meter is a practical tool developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Weekly video, activity and Facebook Q&A with Michael Grose
  • Free access to Parentingideas resources website during course

Here’s what past participants say about this amazing course:

“I am calmer, I shout less, I am more mindful of how I am feeling and why. It has been enlightening to see how reactive I have been in the past and I am now more aware at how I am responding emotionally. It’s been a life-changer.” Caroline Y, mother

“I am not as impulsive. I’m calmer and more analytical when confronted with inappropriate behaviour by my children. I am not taking it personally any more.” Karen C, mother

“I am more aware of my own moods and I now know how to help my children recognise and shift their moods.” Jason, dad

“It is such a simple way to get me to check in on how my emotional state is affecting my parenting and such a simple tool to explain to kids and get them to use.” Lyndall Q, mother

Course Pricing


Mood Meter Program

$ 67
  • 1 course membership (course begins 4th November 2016)
  • Access to all parenting education for duration of course
  • Online delivery - access anytime during course
  • Download course materials for future use



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3 Courses

Access to Parentingideas parenting education resources

$ 147
  • 3 courses: Mood Meter Program; Cracking the Confidence Code; Raising Mighty Girls
  • Regular updates with links to guides, videos and downloads
  • 24/7 access to Parentingideas parenting education resources
  • Q&A sessions answering your parenting challenges during course program



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Fast Track Program

By application only

$ 997
  • Includes 3 courses
  • Ongoing course support
  • Weekly parenting tips & advice for 12 months
  • A set of parenting guides for each stage of your child’s development
  • Year ahead parenting guide on each child’s birthday
  • You and your partner will join me for two special closed door Parenting Fast Track Events to accelerate your parenting development.

PLEASE NOTE:  This program is for parents who want to bring world class parenting best practice into their family-life. To ensure the integrity of the program numbers will be strictly limited and entry is by application only. Find out more.

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Don't take our word for it - check out what parents are saying about us;
“Thank you Michael, you have been such a great form of guidance, education and advice - couldn't have gotten through the last few years without you!! Cheers.”  Deb, mother
“This site is fantastic.  I refer friends to your website all the time. Keep up the great work!!!!"  Billie, mother of 3
"Your resources have been such an amazing blessing to me and my family. Thank you for your insight and wisdom." Michelle Conkle – mother


How do I join the program?

It’s easy – just click here to join now

When does the program start?

The 3-week online Mood Meter Program starts on 4th November.

How much does the course cost?

The 3-week course costs $67. Or buy the 3 course option PLUS access to Parentingideas resources for only $147.

If I buy the course can I access Parentingideas resources online?

Throughout the program you have FREE access to the Parentingideas website for comprehensive, age-appropriate parenting support: articles, e-guides, posters. Course access finishes 30th November 2016.

Who is the Mood Meter Program for?

Raising kids is such hard emotional work that it’s parents who need to learn new ways to manage their own responses so they’re not overcome with annoyance, anger and hurt when they are challenged by their kids. Plus parents who want to teach their children self-awareness and empower kids to recognise and then respond to how they feel.

If I am already a Parentingideas member do I get access to the course?

Yes, the course is included in your membership. 

What if I'm too busy one week?

New course materials emailed to you each week. Friday you receive the video and workbook activities. Wednesday there is a Facebook group discussion and Q&A with Michael Grose. 

Course materials will be available until the 30th November, so you can catch up or refer back to any of the content. We suggest you download the workbook and videos and save for future reference or to use at a later date.

Can you tell me more about The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence?

Mood Meter is a practical tool, developed as part of the RULER program, by the research team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Headed by Professor Marc Brackett, the Center for Emotional Intelligence uses the power of emotions to create a more effective and compassionate society. The Center conducts research and teaches people of all ages how to develop their emotional intelligence.

What if I have more questions?

Just email contact@parentingideasclub.com.au or phone our office on 03 5983 1798 and one of the Parentingideas team will help you.