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Unsure when you should step in and when to ignore kids’ behaviour?

"My course will show you exactly how to respond to achieve lasting change."

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2016 Online Courses

Build your parenting skills, knowledge and confidence in 2016 with these informative courses.

Term 2 - Raising Well-behaved Kids

(20th May–13th June 2016) 
Learn communication techniques that will increase your children’s cooperation levels and decrease your stress levels. Know how how to manage your kids visually, what to do when they ignore you and how to get more cooperation without telling your kids what to do.

Confused about what to do when kids don't cooperate?


Join Michael Grose, Australia’s leading parenting educator, for this outstanding online course.

Raising Well-behaved Kids is a simple, easy way to get on top of the most challenging part of parenting – teaching your child to behave well

Raising Well-behaved Kids

What will I learn?

  • How to get more cooperation from your child without always raising your voice, repeating yourself or offering endless bribes and rewards.
  • To recognise the purpose of behaviour and importantly, how to respond so you put an end to annoying, frustrating behaviours.
  • How to move beyond ‘time out’ and ‘time in’ to develop a broad range of responses to children’s poor or unsociable behaviour.
  • Key strategies to plan your approach to children’s behaviours so that you can achieve lasting change for the better.
  • Skills to better manage tough nuts, teens and sensitive types that don’t fit into usual discipline techniques.

A new course each term

Take advantage of continued learning and ongoing support throughout the year.

Term 3 - Mood Meter for Parents

(11th August – 11th September 2016) 
Want to help your children be the best they can be? Then you need to build their emotional intelligence. Michael draws on the research from the team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to help you give your kids the tools they need to recognise, manage and regulate their emotions.  

Term 4 - Raising Mighty Boys

(4th November – 27th November 2016) 
Don’t be fooled by the title, even parents of girls need to know how boys tick. Unlock the secrets to raising boys of any age so that they become more confident; achieve more at school; talk about what’s on their minds; better manage anger and other strong emotions; and make the most of their natural strengths. 

Term 1


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Raising Well-behaved Kids

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  • Access to all Club parenting education for duration of course
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Yearly Membership

Full 12 months access

$ 197
  • 4 course membership
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  • 52 week access to Parentingideas Club parenting education
  • Monthly Q & A sessions answering your parenting challenges
  • Bonus #1: 9 must-watch online parenting education sessions from Michael Grose’s favourite parenting experts
  • Bonus #2: A full set of Developmental Maps to build your understanding of your child’s development with stage appropriate communication, confidence-building and management strategies and more
  • Bonus #3:Receive Developmental Parenting Guide to help you successfully navigate for the year ahead on your child’s birthday.
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Fast Track Program

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$ 997
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  • Weekly parenting tips & advice for 12 months
  • A set of parenting guides for each stage of your child’s development
  • Year ahead parenting guide on each child’s birthday
  • You and your partner will join me for two special closed door Parenting Fast Track Events to accelerate your parenting development.

PLEASE NOTE:  This program is for parents who want to bring world class parenting best practice into their family-life. To ensure the integrity of the program numbers will be strictly limited and entry is by application only. Find out more.

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“Thank you Michael, you have been such a great form of guidance, education and advice - couldn't have gotten through the last few years without you!! Cheers.”  Deb, mother
“This site is fantastic.  I refer friends to your website all the time. Keep up the great work!!!!"  Billie, mother of 3
"Your resources have been such an amazing blessing to me and my family. Thank you for your insight and wisdom." Michelle Conkle – mother


When does the program start?

The 4-week online Raising Well-behaved Kids starts on 20th May 2016

If I become a Parentingideas Club Yearly member do I get access to the courses?

Yes, the courses are included in your membership. You can choose to Opt-in to the course emails, or just access the material under the Courses tab once you are logged in.

What if I have more questions?

Just email contact@parentingideasclub.com.au or phone our office on 03 5983 1798 and one of the Parentingideas team will help you.