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Cracking the Confidence Code - confidence-building strategies every parent should know

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Term 1 2017 - Cracking the Confidence Code

24 February 2017

It’s a must-do course for parents where low risk-taking and fear of failure is a constant companion for their kids. This course will put the skills and know-how at your fingertips to develop a real sense of confidence, competence and mastery in your kids. 

Term 2 2017 - Raising Mighty Girls

May 2017
Girls may have a head start on boys in the academic stakes but life these days is not all smooth sailing for girls. They are often harder on themselves than boys, more likely to be perfectionists, and have more fears.  Unlock the secrets to raising girls of any age so that they become more confident; build positive self-esteem and body image; can face up to their fears; build friendships and not cliques; face the challenges of living in a digital world; build strong connections with fathers from a young age; and make the most of their natural strengths.  More details coming soon...

Cracking the Confidence Code

What will I learn?

  • How to develop a ‘growth mindset’ in your child so that learning and development become hard-wired.
  • Key strategies to help a negative, pessimistic child take a more realistic, optimistic view of themselves and the world.
  • How to help a child overcome the curse of perfectionism so they take more risks and achieve more as learners.
  • The 3-letter word you must say to a child who says, “I can’t”, even when you know he can. This word is a game-changer. It’s worth doing the course just to learn this.
  • How praise differs from encouragement and why kids need to receive both.
  • Key strategies to help your child become more independent from you. You’ll also discover why independence building is a key confidence-building strategy.

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Cracking the Confidence Code

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  • 2 courses: Cracking the Confidence Code; Raising Mighty Girls
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PLEASE NOTE:  This program is for parents who want to bring world class parenting best practice into their family-life. To ensure the integrity of the program numbers will be strictly limited and entry is by application only. Find out more.

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When does the program start?

The next online course for parents, Cracking the Confidence Code, starts 24 February 2017. Or join us now for our discounted 2 course option which includes Cracking the Confidence Code + Raising Mighty Girls, and get instant access to all the Parenting Ideas online resources including articles, developmental guides, eBooks and more to support your parenting education before the next course begins.

How much does the course cost?

The 3-week course costs $67. Or buy the discounted 2 course option including Cracking the Confidence Code & Raising Mighty Girls, PLUS access to the Parenting Ideas online resources including articles, developmental guides, eBooks and lots more!

If I buy the course can I access Parenting Ideas resources online?

Throughout the course you have FREE access to the Parenting Ideas website for comprehensive, age-appropriate parenting support: articles, e-guides, posters. Course access finishes one week after the course end date.


What if I'm too busy one week?
New course materials are published each week. Friday you receive an email to direct you to the video and workbook activities on the website. Wednesday there is a Facebook Group discussion and Q&A with Michael Grose. 
Course materials will be available until one week after the end of the course for you to download, so you can catch up or refer back to any of the content. We suggest you download the workbooks and videos and save for future reference or to use at a time convenient to you.