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Facebook, friend or foe?


With around 75% of 15 to 65 year olds using Facebook there must be some redeeming value. There are more Facebook users than there are taxpayers. Facebook is the most significant communication device since the telephone, so why the hysteria?   We digest our information via the media, which just loves a controversy. You’ll never see an article that reads, “Grandparents stay in touch on Facebook with travelling grandchildren” or “Teacher connects with old U.K colleagues after 20 years – found them on Facebook”.    Instead we see articles such as “Australia The World’s Facebook Bullying Capital” ( January 18). Yes, there are dangers but like the gun lobby’s catch cry “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, in the hands of the na├»ve or evil it can also be destructive. T...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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