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Keeping kids safe in a cyber world


Cyber bullying is one of the biggest, safety issues facing young people today. Bullying and harassment online is now commonplace.  For instance, over a third of teenage girls have been sexually harassed via the Internet and 2 in five have been asked to post naked pictures of themselves online.    The emergence of social media sites has seen cyberbullying go to a new level. Messages and images can now spread like wild fire reaching a huge potential audience in the time it takes to upload an image or shoot off a text message.    Once the family home offered young people an escape from schoolyard bullies. Now the cyber world is so invasive that their bedrooms offer no guarantees of safety any more.   The cyber world is enticing. Young people have always wanted to escape from their parents' world. In the past they hung out in shopping cent...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


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