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Forming the family tribe


“Will they ever be friends?”                  This was my wife talking as she took a deep breath and waded into the murky waters of another noisy sibling fight in our home. Like many couples in the 1980’s we had three children quite close together, which we’ve since learned tends to increase the likelihood of sibling competition.    Like every parent we entered the parenting arena full or optimism and naivety. We thought that we’d raise a strong family where kids would cooperate with us, always look out for each other and would by and large get on with each other. We knew that blood was thicker than water so they’d stick together through thick and thin. We also thought that given the right parenting that they’d overcome any problems and issues that they may have experienced with ...(sign-up as a member to continue reading this article)


So much information. many thanks
May 28, 2014

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