Sibling Matters

Stuck in the middle

Middle children are the victims of bad timing. Born too late to get the perks and privileges of their eldest sibling, but too ... Read more

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Fostering better sibling relationships

  The sibling relationship is important. It outlasts the parent-child relationship, and siblings can have just as a big... Read more

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The curse of the eldest child

Who’d be a first born? First borns live with pressure. From an early age they are pushed and prodded to perform by ... Read more

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Forming the family tribe

Raising a strong family is the intention of all parents but sibling fighting and lack of cooperation can cause problems for fa... Read more

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Understanding birth order

If you are confused about why your children can be the same gender; experienced the same parenting and go to the same school y... Read more

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Fostering sibling closeness

If may seem that no matter what you do your children just continue to fight. Research and experience shows that there are stra... Read more

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Sibling fighting

Fighting between siblings can strain family harmony, but those noisy fights can teach kids a great deal about solving conflict... Read more

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When birth order doesn't work

When doesn't birthorder work? Birth order usually always follows a pattern; just not always the same one. Once you underst... Read more

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Sibling fighting dance

Do your children play the sibling fighting dance where they fight and you react? This short video may reveal a great deal abou... Read more

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Healthy sibling relationships

Parents can take an active approach to helping their children resolve sibling disputes. Read more

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Why your children are different (to each other)

The effects of their birth position have a significant impact on children, their behavior and their personalities. In order to... Read more

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Helping young children resolve sibling conflict

Children’s fights can provide parents with great teaching opportunities. Helping siblings solve their own disputes can s... Read more

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Playing favourites

Favouritism is a taboo area for most parents. There is an assumption that families are even playing fields where parents treat... Read more

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Sorting out sibling squabbles

Healthy families know how to fight well.  When parents take an active approach to helping their children resolve their fi... Read more

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10 ways kids involve parents in fights

  Sometimes parents get drawn into sibling disputes, often unnecessarily. Parents need to be aware of these ten common ... Read more

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