Tips for Buying Tops for Any Occasion

Wondering how to buy a new top? You may have an idea the type of top to buy, fashion wise. There are other things to consider as well. Here is a list of tips to consider when purchasing tops for any occasion:

Choose a Luxurious Fabric

A lustrous fabric will make your top look and feel a lot more expensive than it is. Also, a high-end fabric would also make your top highly versatile and suited to many occasions. For example, silk thefable shirts online are great for both work and casual occasions. High quality also ensures your tops are durable, saving you money on the long run.

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Include a Dressy Element

The plain old tops, like a blouse or a singly colour t-shirt, will quickly grow out of style. To ensure that your tops are suited for at least semi-vocal occasions, go for some dressy elements in your outfits. A frill here or a sequin there may make your top suited for both casual and formal occasions. It should be easy to mix and match as well, depending on the occasion.

Make Sure It’s High Quality

Make sure you end up with a high quality top to ensure that you get your money’s worth. The price of the outfit isn’t the issue here, even though the higher priced items are intended to be supposed to be high quality. Don’t buy a top made with flimsy material that easily breaks. The fabric should feel good in your hands and not fell worn or torn.

Check the seams before you buy. These should be reinforced. That is, the seams should be well sewn. The seams should be well threaded and without anything poking out. check any button hole as well. Like seams, these shouldn’t have anything poking out. The collars and cuffs, if available, should feel stiff in your hands, indicating proper reinforcement.

Try to Suit More than One Season

You can buy one top, only to keep changing it between occasions. To get the best value for your money, buy a top that you can wear during multiple seasons. Some tops can be paired with both work blazers and winter jackets. Aim for tops like these you can interchange between seasons.

Neutral Colours Not Necessary

Don’t buy clothing in just greys and blacks. For tops, you can buy bright colours. The idea is that you can mix and match these bright colours with other accessories later. You definitely don’t have to stick to just white tops. Buy pants in neutral tones so that you can mix and match tops.


Go Wrinkle Resistant

One of the most annoying aspects about tops is that they can easily wrinkle. Some natural fabrics like cotton easily get wrinkled. However, there are types of fabrics, like silk, that are less likely to wrinkle. Some fabrics are treated to prevent wrinkling. Considering no one wants to spend mornings ironing, go for one of these wrinkle resistant ones. It would be highly useful for those who need to travel a lot as well.

Use the above tips to choose a top you like and save money on the long run. Remember, it’s not all about fashion.

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