4 Tips to Ensure the Wellbeing of a Reflux Baby

Being a mum in itself is no easy feat. Being a mum of a reflux baby on the other hand requires the honour of a salute. The last thing you would call motherhood is easy and all mothers should be honoured. But if you are a mother or guardian of a reflux baby you know the depth of struggles you go through with your child.

From hazardous choking to vomiting after too much movements to cries of disarray due to high levels of discomfort. Diets and activities other normal children can enjoy have to be taken away from your own child for a while. It can be heartbreaking for both you and your child. To help you out and make things a bit smoother for you and your child I have listed out four tips to assist you in maintaining the well-being of a reflux baby:

1.      Diet Limitations

This change is for you as a breastfeeding mother to a reflux infant. The first alteration you should do in your diet is cutting out all or most of the dairy products. If you have started on formula switch up from formulas with dairy and go with hypoallergenic formulas instead. This settles the stomach of most infants and helps with overcoming certain symptoms and discomforts associated with having acid influx.

You could also go the extra mile and remove or limit intake of any food or beverages which could trigger influx. Such as citrus fruits, eggs, soy, caffeine and chocolate, you can easily find substitutes in the market that are more influx friendly when breastfeeding your infant.

2.      Elevation

When sleeping elevating the baby can help them in leaps and bounds. Yes, experts have suggested that babies should be sleeping on their backs. However, when it comes to an influx baby visit your paediatrician to discuss various sleeping positions to assist the baby.

For instance, baby-wearing for naps is a suitable way to keep your child in an erect and upright sleeping position during nap time. If you want your infant in the crib, you could purchase a sleeping positioner and wedge to keep your baby away from sliding off or rolling downwards.

3.      Leave the Car Seat Behind

The most hated travel item for any infant travelling is the car seat. This is mainly because nothing can trigger those stomach muscles like a child’s car seat can and this leads to major discomfort and heaps of nausea. Make the switch into a roller seat and a convertible car seat for them to attain maximum comfort during travel time. While travelling ensure to lay Spewy over your shoulder in case of any instances of vomiting episodes on your way. You have to always be prepared!

4.      Hold the Baby

No I don’t just mean randomly hold the baby. Hold your baby in an upright position for around 30 to 60 minutes once you have fed him and finished. Usually nursing after feeding can be an incredible challenge. But, holding the baby upright, in an elevated position during the nursing process will help you get a few good burps out of the infant.

Help out your baby and yourself by following these tips on how to help your influx infant!