Benefits of Cultural Programmes in School

Education should not be limited to the classroom. There are so many experiences that students can be exposed to that can help develop their character and personal growth. In this article, we are focusing on the merits of offering cultural programmes in school.

Many private schools Logan offer opportunities for community service for students. Some examples are volunteering at food drives and local shelters. This will help them connect with their local community and learn more about how they can give back to the community. Engaging in service projects will instil a sense of responsibility towards others and the wider world n the students. They will become more compassionate and empathetic towards others as they will be able to communicate and interact with those in dire situations. And this opens their eyes to how the impoverished or marginalised live. They will be able to see the impact of societal challenges in real life and this will encourage them to take a proactive role in coming up with a solution to these challenges. And they will also learn of the different ways they can make a difference through these initiatives.

Students will also learn about different cultures and traditions by participating in library interest groups. Here they can read about different cultures and explore certain concepts that are different to their own. And this will encourage open discussion on the merits of these traditions and how they can learn to be more accepting of diversity. This is a great way to develop their creativity as well along with critical thinking skills. They will learn to communicate better by interacting with those in the interest group. And as there is a common interest shared by all, there is no danger of running out of topics to talk about. Another activity that will improve teamwork skills in students is participating in musical theatre troupes. This is an activity that is open to both girls and boys. This creates an atmosphere of creativity and art.

Students will be able to collaborate with each other and learn to manage stage presence. They will gradually overcome their stage fright and shyness by participating in these activities which is a good skill to have later on as well because they will need to speak confidently in front of others in their career paths. The dramatic arts such as directing, acting and script writing help students in self-exploration and will also instil more confidence in their abilities. They will learn to be self-assured and how to convey their emotions to others. Another skill they will learn is how to manage the stage which can help improve their leadership abilities. Also, creative pursuits such as these including performance dance can help students develop their physical coordination. And they will develop an appreciation for arts from a young age which is a great way to achieve balance in their life. Some schools also offer robotics and STEAM clubs where the creativity of students can be directed to problem solving, technical skills and innovation.