Reasons to Use Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for Packing

Corrugated cardboard has been used for many years as a packaging material. While it is a simple material, it is ideal for the transport of a variety of materials. There is sufficient strength inherent in corrugated cardboard packing that can protect the contents inside quite easily.

There is a lot of movement that the box can go through when shipped from one location to another. You can safely use corrugated cardboard even with long shipping durations as it will not degrade easily. They are used to handle fragile items as well. You can find eco-friendly wine packaging made out of corrugated cardboard.  The key reason for using corrugated cardboard is the level of protection it offers the contents within. Even if the cardboard is thin, there is still a sufficient level of protection provided. The walls of the corrugated cardboard actually have two layers that sandwich the inner corrugated sheet. The outer layer keeps the box rigid while the inner corrugation provides cushioning required to protect the goods in the event of movement. When transporting fragile items, you can go for double wall cardboard boxes instead of the single wall boxes. These have an extra corrugated sheet.

When you are a business, you should always balance the cost of the product. Corrugated boxes offer an alternative to expensive packing materials. You can order these corrugated boxes in bulk as they are very affordable. Because the boxes will be delivered to you flat packed, it will not take up a lot of space in storage. Corrugated boxes can withstand a lot of pressure without failing. They are also quite lightweight which will bring down the costs of shipping. This will in turn allow you to provide the product at a lower cost ensuring you have the same profit margin. When considering a different material that will have similar weight bearing capacities, the options available will be heavier than cardboard. You can use corrugated cardboard for die-cut boxes as well. These boxes will not need packing tape as it has a tabbed closing solution. This creates a better unboxing experience for the recipient. You can find this type of box widely used in subscription services.

Sustainability is an important consideration when it comes to packaging materials today. By shifting your company towards a more sustainable concept in terms of production, packaging, transportation etc. you can set yourself up as a company that is environmentally conscious. This will appeal to a larger audience. Corrugated boxes can be reused and recycled easily without ending up in landfills. The customer can also easily store the cardboard box for later use by folding it away for future use. Corrugated cardboard is commonly recycled and it reduces packaging waste considerably. And because these boxes are available in so many different sizes, you can use it for a variety of items whether it is electronic equipment or food products. You can adjust the thickness, size, colour, texture etc. of the cardboard depending on the nature of the product you are packing inside.