The Chemical Composition of Nicotine Pouch Products

Nicotine pouches by definition are oral and tobacco-free smokeless pouches that are typically placed between your lip and gum.  They deliver in a dose of nicotine through your oral mucosa. The pouch itself is actually permeable and it is important to note that the pouch itself not be swallowed in any case. The pouch is what contains all the flavour and nicotine you intake.

The outer pouch is made out of special fibres which are tightly bound together by chemical or solvent forms of treatment. The standard composition of what is in the pouch would include a filling agent, different salts, flavourings, sweeteners and other additives which give you that extra kick aside from the core ingredient of pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Why are these products fast growing in popularity?

The health risk of being a chain smoker is very well documented but surprisingly it isn’t the nicotine and tobacco that is the direct cause of fatalities from smoke-related sickness but rather the toxicity of the smoke you inhale from the combusted tobacco inside the cigarette. This is why products like snus pouches are extremely popular because snus is actually a moist and smokeless tobacco which comes in both a loose and pouched form.

The reduction in health risks when using snus pouches are due to the fact that your lungs face little direct exposure to the toxicants that are normally released through the smoke generated from a cigarette and this is why using a smokeless product to satisfy your needs is probably a wiser option to go for. Nicotine pouches are devoid of tobacco which means there is definitely less harm to your lungs if you look to use this type of product in the long run.

As for the Nicotine being addictive, well you could say that these are amongst the many myths of nicotine pouches. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your consumption and intake patterns. If you have control over your dependency on these types of products then you wouldn’t have to face great risks to your body in the long run. It is all about your self-control. If you are looking to quit smoking for good and you want to ease yourself with the transition then both snus pouches and nicotine pouches are alternatives you could go for provided you first consult with a medical professional first.

In Summary they could be a better option

NPs are proven through research to have lower toxicant exposure to heavy smokers who are looking to take control of their daily nicotine intake. The nicotine strength in Nicotine pouches vary and they are all approved and refined forms of nicotine of the highest quality.

In comparison to snus pouches, they are lower in their nicotine content but it is quite important to note the flavouring that is used in the brand of pouches you use. This is because some types of artificial flavouring could be quite harmful to you and your health as well if you are not too careful.