Small Business Ideas for Struggling Parents

Tips for Hiring A Long-Term Nanny That Is Trust Worthy And Will Easily Fit into Your Lifestyle

Hiring a suitable nanny is more work than we’d ever think, and anyone with experience can confirm this fact to you. Here are 10 tips that help you hire a long-term nanny that is trustworthy, and fits into your lifestyle…
Evaluate Your Needs and Wants of a Nanny
From the days of the week you’ll want them to work, to the hours of the day, have everything figured out before you even think of looking for a nanny. Consider if you’ll want a live-in nanny, or if you’ll be more comfortable with a day nanny. These things affect not only the salary you’ll eventually pay them, but also help in narrowing down candidates.

Small Business Ideas for Struggling Parents
Set Aside the Budget
Have a sit-down discussion about how much you’re willing to pay your nanny. Ask friends or relatives about the going rate for nannies, and decide accordingly. Remember, it may be tempting to pay a high price for a nanny if you’re desperate; but this is impossible to continue on the long run.
Understand Your Parenting Style, So You Know What to Look for In Your Nanny
A nanny is almost a co-parent, so having the same parental style is imperative. To be sure your nanny’s style wont clash with your own, first understand your style of parenting, then look for candidates of like minds.
Do A Thorough Research on Them
As you’re going to have to trust a complete stranger with your child for long periods of time, it’s mandatory to first do a thorough research on them. Use their social media platforms and sites like to find out information about them. Follow up on the recommendations to see if they’re legit. Most importantly, try finding a nanny that comes recommended from a trusted source like a friend or family member.
Meet Them at A Neutral Setting
In order to get to know the real them, avoid meeting them at your home. meetup instead at a neutral setting. This is also a safer option, as you avoid inviting a complete stranger into the sanctuary of your home.
Be Prepared to Interview Them
Hiring a nanny is like hiring any other professional service; so an interview in vital. However, an interview is pointless if you’re not ready with the right questions. So prepare for it, and conduct a affective interview in order to find a nanny that will suit your family’s lifestyle.
Be Sure Both You and Your Partner (And Kids) Like the Potential Nanny…And That There’s Good Chemistry Between You
If you’re hoping to have a live-in nanny, then it’s almost like adopting a new family member. Like the nanny will make living with her much easier, so ensure both you and your partner are satisfied with her. If you have older kids, allocate a day to for them to spend a few hours with her under your supervision. If you all “click”, you’ve found the perfect nanny!

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Think Long Term from Day 1
From the salary to chemistry, and whether or not your nanny will be able to handle your growing child, there’s plenty to think of when it comes to thinking long term. Your nanny’s age, energy lever as well as experience all factor in.
Consider Drawing A Contract to Reduce Chances of Wasting Your Time and Money
If your nanny is insisting on an up-front payment, consider drawing up a contract to ensure they work for you long enough to at least cover said payment. In addition, request an advance notice if they’re quitting the job. This will give you a chance to find a replace nanny or at the very least, line up another arrangement.
Only Finalize on The Nanny When You’re Absolutely Sure About Them
Never rush into the task of hiring a nanny, as this can not only be disappointing, but also dangerous. This is especially true if you’re in between nannies and desperate to find a replacement…