5 Best Bamboo Briefs Brands in Australia

Choosing underwear is something that is important because it plays a major role in your hygiene, in how comfortable you feel, is important for your health, and will also ensure that you feel confident (regardless of whether anybody will see you in them or not). So today, we are going to be talking about 5 of the top brands that do sustainable and ethical materials for your underwear in Australia and still create amazing undies that you will really love.

Aussie Bum

The story of Aussie bum is one that is of the journey that was made by Kylie Minogue, Sean Ashby, and the confidence that all of us have within us, if only we bother to look carefully enough. Once he got to the top of the corporate ladder Sean decided that he wanted to invest in the beach lifestyle. Some of the underwear of this brand and swimwear is produced in Sydney, towards the inner west side. A large number of them are produced in Bangladesh and China and they use Bamboo fabric which is breathable and really friendly for your skin.


Jockey is another brand that specializes not just in underwear but also activewear. This brand has a worldwide reputation really and is identified by the fact that they have high quality and high durability which really matches the price that they come for. They have a wide range that you can choose from and the fabrics used are very breathable and easy to wear. They also have a good amount of stretch in them which makes them a very popular choice for activewear as well as normal underwear.


This is a new brand of sports underwear for men and ensures that everything is firm and held in place so to speak. The TACKLE Bamboo briefs, for example, will help you enjoy a comfortable time throughout the day no matter what kind of activity you are engaged in. they will keep your skin breathing and will also give you enough freedom of movement which is very important. If you are somebody who loves to keep moving this type of underwear will be just perfect for you.


This is a Sydney based brand that brings in soft and sustainable bamboo underwear to you. The bamboo used is grown with absolutely no pesticides and no fertilizers or insecticides. There is also no artificial irrigation done. Boody also maintains that their process of manufacturing is transparent every step of the way. The brand is also certified by a large number of industry groups that represent ethical and sustainable production methods. You will be able to shop for your products here and find what suits you the best.


The mind behind Bushy has one goal. It wanted to show Australians that it is completely possible to make comfortable and locally made underwear that is also sourced ethically. They have fitted boxers that are available in two different types and are sustainably sourced from a natural cellulose fabric with just a tiny bit of elastane.