How to Select a CELTA Course?

CELTA or Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is a qualification that is popular for high standards of English language teaching. If you have decided to follow a CELT course, there are a few things you can do to choose a course that matches your requirements.

You need to look for a CELTA certificate course that has the right accreditation and recognition. Look for courses that carry accreditation from reputed organisations. The most well-known body for accreditation when it comes to CELTA courses is the Cambridge English Language Assessment. Others are the International House World Organisation, British Council etc. You can be assured of the high standard of the course when you select one that carries well-known accreditation. And this also means that your certificate will be recognised around the world giving you a wide range of opportunities to work. You can choose to work in your country or abroad.

And you will have the confidence to apply to different teaching institutions when you have the right certification. Make sure you check for reviews and recommendations as well when deciding which course to select. You can learn a lot about the quality of the course and the learning experience when you read reviews left by previous participants.

Check the duration

Of the course and whether it fits your schedule currently and in the future. You will also have a certain learning style. So this is something you need to consider when choosing the right course. There are full-time and part-time courses that can accommodate your requirements. You will have daily classes for full-time courses and you will be focusing on the course entirely for the duration. But you can spread out the courses for an extended duration when you choose part time. And this will help you balance your schedule and other commitments as well. You can go through the course structure before you make your decision. Look into the course structure provided by different institutions to see what suits your requirements. Consider the intensity of the course and whether this is something you can sustain for the duration.

It is very important to select a course where you can get teaching practice

When choosing the course, you can ask the course provider how many hours of teaching practice are included. It is always best to select a course where you can have a good amount of teaching practice as this is what will prepare you for teaching opportunities later on. And these practice sessions are also a good way to build confidence in your teaching skills. Your instructors will provide feedback during these sessions so that you understand how you can improve your skills further. Consider the location of the course provider as well. It is more convenient when you can study in your own country. But you can also explore opportunities to learn abroad especially if you are planning to teach in that country as well. Check the facilities and resources of the course provider and whether they have a good language lab, library and teaching materials to improve your experience.