3 Outstanding Benefits of Orthaheel Sandals

These awesome sandals are making waves across Australia for their comfort and support. Find out the three key benefits of wearing this style below.

They Provide Optimal Support

Similar to everyday shoes, these sandals have built-in support to help you stay on your feet when walking around the beach or enjoying a summer barbie. Built-in arch support reduces pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, as well as containing a deep heel cup that provides added support and stability when wearing your sandals.

Sandals that contain arch support are much safer for your feet. Typical sandals or thongs have as much support as a thin piece of cardboard and they simply cannot deal with uneven surfaces. This can be dangerous if you’re walking or playing at the beach as well as walking along rocky paths. Orthaheel sandals provide the required support and cushioning to provide stability when moving quickly along rougher surfaces.


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

They Are More Comfortable

Have you ever warn a pair of thongs with straps that dig into your feet when you wore them? If so, you know just how uncomfortable it can be wearing straps that tear up your feet as you go. If you happen to be wearing these same thongs for hours on end the rubbing can cause unpleasant cuts and abrasions to your skin. Our footwear is designed to have comfortable straps that don’t cause these problems. Besides the comfortable support and stability of the sandal itself, you can trust that they won’t cut up your feet on long days spent at the beach.


They Can Correct Foot Conditions & Relieve Foot Pain

Sandals with arch support protect your feet and provide them with a feeling of wearing actual shoes. But they are also great for reducing foot pain and can help with foot problems. If you enjoy wearing sandals as long as possible in a given year, sandals without correct arch support won’t get the job done. In fact, typical sandals and thongs can actually cause foot problems and enhance existing foot pain. Orthaheel sandals realign your feet and preserve their arches. This can correct any current foot problems you may be experiencing.

Now that you know that benefits of wearing our designs, don’t hesitate to get yourself a pair and experience the positive difference for many summers to come.