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How Can Your Self Esteem Be Affected?

In our day and age, it’s very easy to have low self-esteem. Below, we’ll be running through the many ways your confidence can be affected. Through this, you can find a way to work on this issue.

Social Media

Everyone has a smartphone. Because of this, the majority of the people in the world have social media accounts. Although entertaining, social media is great at creating insecurities.

People are known to post the best parts of their lives, hiding the not so great side. Because of this, you see things that may make you jealous.

These things cause you to question yourself and your life, affecting how you perceive yourself. If you keep this in mind, you can lower how much of an impact social media has on you.

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Along with social media, we spend a lot of our time watching the tv. Unfortunately, much of the people you see on the television are people fit to be on tv. They’re good looking- more so than the general population.

By watching advertisements and programs, you’re exposing yourself to beauty standards that aren’t normal. This can have a detrimental effect on you in the long run as you’ll always be comparing yourself to others.

Are You A Perfectionist?

If you’re a perfectionist, you’re going to have many problems with yourself. You’ll see all the problems you have, judging yourself unfairly.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do for this other than speaking with a professional as it’s very hard to break perfectionist thinking.

In terms of what kind of professional you should speak to, hypnotherapists are the best as they cause you to evaluate your thinking in depth.

You can hypnotize yourself if you’re interested there are countless audio books and resources- you will be crazy not to check this out.

Did Anyone Say Anything?

Your self-esteem can very easily be affected by others. Someone may have said a comment, affecting how you perceive yourself. Whatever was said will have a profound effect on you if you were a child.

You should know that what was said probably wasn’t serious and that you shouldn’t take jokes too serious. By learning to brush what was said as a snarky comment or a joke, you’ll realize that the person wasn’t serious. So, you’ve been beating yourself up for nothing.

If you keep this mentality up, you’ll help yourself in the future as you’ll not be affected by the occasional humor.

Are You Making Fun Of Yourself?

To fit in, you probably made fun of yourself a couple of times. Although it was all in good spirits, making fun of yourself can lead to low self-esteem.

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Especially if you do it quite often. Because you’re making yourself the butt of every joke. This leads you to think you’re not worth it.

What’s more is, by making jokes about yourself, you’re allowing others to do so as well. Thus, people will start to bully you, ruining how you see yourself.

The above points ran through the many things that could affect how you view yourself. As you can see, there are many ways this can take place.