How to Boost Efficiency and Productivity of Your Medical Practice

Medical clinics require high levels of efficiency to deliver care as patients expect. Clinics are also one of the busiest small businesses around. At times it may seem nothing could be improved. Nothing is further from the truth. Here are several productivity boosting tips to consider at your clinic:

Use Tech to Reduce Administrative Tasks

The secret to any efficient modern business is automation. Clinics are no different. Don’t spend time on tedious routine tasks that tend to negatively affect efficiency. Use software to automate simple things like filling out prescription forms or sending reminders to patients. Don’t let yourself or your staff be hobbled down by mindless activities instead of delivering quality care.

Put Up Patient Forms Online

When patients arrive at the clinic, a significant portion of their waiting time is spent on filling out paperwork. If the patient arrives right on time for the appointment, then appointment time is spent on paperwork. To avoid this type of time waste, put up forms patients have to fill out online. Direct them to the forms when they sign up for the appointments so they can fill out the forms at home and show up for the appointment on time.

Offer Online Scheduling

Invest in solid medical appointment scheduling software to vastly reduce tedious tasks and make life easier for patients, doctors, and assisting staff at the clinic. Online scheduling makes it very easy for a patient to pick a date for an appointment or to cancel it. Instead of having a staff worker make endless back and forth phone calls to this regard, use automated software to make things easy for everyone.

Use Communication Apps Over Team Meetings

Team meetings are sometimes necessary. But other times they are mostly a waste of time. Nothing runs smoothly when you have to meet up with an assistant for every little thing. Tech can help here too. Use productivity apps like Slack and communication software like Skype to stay in touch with your staff at any time. Apps can facilitate better communication, especially on busy days. Relying on tech to communicate with your team can immensely boost productivity.

Delegate Tasks Accordingly

Some physicians hire staff online to underuse them. You can only maximize productivity if each person knows what they are supposed to do. Don’t take on tasks that an administrative assistant can easy do. Physicians should save their time for delivering care. For tasks not related to this—delegate. Delegate things like filling out non-medical phones to the administrative staff. Doing so should certainly streamline management.

Monitor Performance

If you want to truly improve the performance on your clinic, then you must gather data. Particularly, monitor the performance of the clinic in terms of patient inflow, for example. Gather information on things like the number of patients that come in each day, how many of they are one time patients, so on. Then analyse the collected data and use the insights to improve your clinic significantly.

As with any other business, productivity improvement at clinics require clever use of tech, data analysis, delegation of tasks and automation. It may take some time to get used to, but use the above tips for better management today.