Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Most people don’t visit the eye doctor if they don’t have an issue with vision. But this is something you need to adapt to your routine health check-up. Your eyes are invaluable to the way you interact with the world. Any change in your vision can be a big change to get used to.

You will be able to keep your vision at an optimum and be able to spot any eye diseases at an early stage by having regular eye tests Rockingham. The optometrist will check several things in your eye test. They will check your visual acuity which is how well you see. They will also test your eye movement and check on the eye alignment. To find out whether there are any signs of diseases such as cataracts, the optometrist will look inside the eye. This will help them see whether there are other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. This is a good way of monitoring the health of the eye and detecting early signs of disease. The earlier you find a sign, the easier it is to begin treatment and preserve your vision.

The frequency of seeing your eye doctor and getting an eye exam will depend on your health and age. You should visit the optometrist for a complete eye exam when you are forty years old. And based on the results of this, the optometrist will be able to recommend the frequency with which you should visit the clinic. Annual eye exams are recommended when you are past the age of sixty-five. There are certain signs you should look out for when determining whether you should see your eye doctor. If you don’t remember when you last had an eye exam, then it is definitely a given that you should visit even if you have not noticed any symptoms.

Some of the common eye diseases that you will be able to detect early with the help of an eye exam are diabetic retinopathy which is when the blood vessels in the back of your eyes are damaged, glaucoma that targets optic nerves and cataracts which starts with clouding in the eye lens and can lead to loss of vision if not treated early. With age also you will have a gradual loss of eye tissue which will affect your vision. If you are an individual who doesn’t have any risk factors, you can safely see your doctor once every two years. But with age, you will need an annual eye exam.

If you have a high risk for diseases related to the eye, you should get an eye exam every year as well. This will include those who have diabetes, people who use a computer during a major part of the day, people who wear contact lenses or have eyesight that gradually diminishes each year. If you have suffered an eye injury, then it is best to see your doctor every year as well to see if there are any changes in your visual acuity.

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