The Benefits of Compounding Pharmacies

There was a time where all pharmacies were compounding pharmacies. There were no big pharmaceutical companies that mass-produced and manufactured all these drugs we all know now. Every medication was freshly made and customized to what the doctor prescribed.

But with the influx of big pharmaceutical companies, it seems as though compounding pharmacies became extinct. That is not true at all – compounding pharmacies are still around,


What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

In its most basic understanding, compounding pharmacies create and provide medications for people in a precise way. The “compound medications from scratch” on-site following the doctor’s prescription. Patients who go and seek compounding pharmacies are usually the ones who can’t buy and use manufactured medications due to several reasons like:


  • Specific dosages that are not commercially manufactured
  • Allergy-friendly and other substitutes to ingredients a patient cannot tolerate
  • Alternate forms of medication like liquids, ointments, capsules, etc

The nature of compounding or “mixing” enables compounding pharmacies to have that personal touch that we seem to lose nowadays. Your doctor and the compounding pharmacist can work together to make your medication work best for you. This is the perfect mix of medication and care.


Benefits of Compounding Pharmacy

If you are over commercial medications and are interested in understanding what compounding pharmacies can offer you, here are several things that you can benefit from switching to compounding pharmacies.


Compounded medications are formulated to meet your specific needs.

Most of the problems that patients mostly encounter with commercial drugs are due to its already set dosage.  A compounding pharmacy can formulate your medications to the specific dosage that your doctor has prescribed.  For example, the manufactured dose may be 200mg but you might need 25mg. It is difficult to cut a tablet or a capsule into eighths so a compounding pharmacist can prepare the 25mg in a capsule.

This often happens when a person has been told to cease an antidepressant. The dose of these medicines needs to be reduced slowly to avoid serious side effects and the lower doses are often not available in the manufactured form. This takes off the responsibility of dividing the dose from the hands of the patient so that the dose can be accurate. Certain medications are hard to find or are discontinued.


There are certain medications from big pharmaceuticals that are already discontinued. When this happens, patients who still need these have a hard time finding them or even a substitute.

But a compounding pharmacy has access to pharmaceutical active ingredients to create the specified medications. It uses the latest research, quality control process, and techniques to ensure that the patients get the medicine they require.


Compounded medications can be made allergy-friendly.

Some commercial medications contain ingredients that in some patients may cause, an allergic reaction. These manufactured drugs are made with dyes, fillers, preservatives, and even alcohol that could worsen a patient’s condition. Compounding pharmacists can remove certain ingredients and create a better formula so that patients can still get the treatment they need.


Compounding pharmacies can create alternate dosage forms.

Not everyone can swallow a pill or have time to pour medications in liquid form every day. But sometimes, patients won’t be able to find a manufactured alternative. This is where compounding pharmacies come in.

They can offer other dosage forms catering to the patient’s specifications. They can even compound medications into creams and gels if the medicine can be absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. They can also compound medicines in a pleasant flavour, making sure you get the right treatment without the bad taste.


Compounding pharmacies offer unique services.

The utmost priority of a compounding pharmacy is to identify and to provide for the patients’ unique requirements. This is why they make sure that they do the research well; to research the best active ingredients, to determine a formula, and develop the method to compound the medicine that the patient needs.